Industrial Tapes



Cloths and vinyl/cloth radiographic industrial tapes. Tapes are a necessary item for all dark rooms. Handy for the repair of cassettes and other applications. We also stock filament and masking tape for your convenience.

Prices subject to change. Please verify the price at the time of your order.

Item ID




ITG1R Black Gaffers Tape Cloth 1″ X 55 Yards
ITG1C Black Gaffers Tape 1″ Cloth 48 RL/Case
ITG2R Black Gaffers Tape Cloth 2″ X 55 Yards
ITG2C Black Gaffers Tape 2″ Cloth 24 RL/Case
ITP6721R Permacel No. P-672 Vinyl/Cloth 1″ X 60 Yards
ITP6721C Permacel No. P-672 Vinyl/Cloth 48 (Case)
ITP743R Permacel No. P-743 Photo/Masking 1″ X 60 Yards
ITWMTR White Masking Tape Masking 1″ X 60 Yards
ITFIL1 Filament Tape Reinforced Tape 1″ X 60 Yards