Congratulations to our client Med-X Products on their 10-year anniversary!

Through our partnership with Med-X Products, we provide medical x-ray supplies and accessories like lead markers to hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Their team has firsthand experience in the healthcare industry, including diagnostic radiology. We’re honored to work with them to deliver high-quality medical products to end users.

Here’s some of the feedback they’ve received:

  • “Thank you for your help getting this taken care of, have a wonderful weekend.” – J. Heuma
  • “Thanks for the information and quick reply.” – L. Hyde
  • “Fantastic! Thank you.” – E. Labajetta
  • “Got Dr Payne’s apron on Monday. She loves it.” – J. DuBray
  • “The image plates worked great, I am prepared to order 10 more today.” – S. Dark
  • “We got the straps and the breast shield cover today. We are sooooooo happy. The straps worked great.” – R. Harris
  • “I have received many compliments on my glasses” – C. Capozzi

About Med-X Products

Med-X Products was founded with the uniquely designed Grid Caddy, Glove Caddy, and Door Caddy. They also have their own line of top quality lead aprons. You can order our x-ray markers through their website.

In addition to MedXProducts, we have many distributors across the US, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, and South Korea. Check out our distributor map to find distributors in your area.

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