Group 1 Penetrameters (Plaque Type)

Group 1 Penetrameters (Plaque Type)

We have two different groups of plaque type penetrameters for NDT products.

Group 1 Penetrameters

Our Group 1 Penetrameters include API STD 1104, ASTM E-142 (SE-1025) and MIL-STD 271 penetrameters. They are made of either stainless or carbon steel, depending on the thickness and the type of penetrameter. API STD 1104 penetrameters range in thickness from .005″ to .050″ and are all stainless steel. ASTM E-142 (SE-1025) and MIL-STD 271 up to .050″ are made of stainless steel, and the penetrameters from .060″ through .200″ thickness are made from a high-grade carbon steel.

You can view the full list of these penetrameters and their specifications here.

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Group 2 Penetrameters

Group 2 Penetrameters (Plaque Type)

Group 2 Penetrameters (Plaque Type)

The Group 2 Penetrameters are ASTM E-142 (SE-1025), ASME SEC. V, and MIL-STD 271 penetrameters. They range in thickness from .005″ to 2.5″ and are made from a precision-rolled aluminum sheet.

For the full list of specifications, visit their product page.

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